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Introducing Ramshackle Games, a Independant model and game shop which has rugged vehicles and parts, suitable for the Orks! Check out their website and online store. Here are some samples of some Orkified vehicles...


OAny new or old Ork players should look for Master Ein for Ork inspiration. His blog at shows his very detailed and good looking Ork units. Just check out some of his marvellous work!


"A couple of things going on here soon in the life of the waaagh. First up is Baltimore Games Day! We need some good solid boyz to show up and put on a good thumpin' to the beakie boyz over at the Bolter and Chainsword. If you are going to games day, you do not want to miss this WAAAGH!"


Most of us paint our Orks and wat not in your favourite klan colors. But what if we had multiple klans in your waaagh?


Holy crap, seems like ForgeWorld likes Orks! They never release enough of 'em, which is good fer us!

My seven basic rules to improve your 40k game play

If you lost loads of games and feel bad about yourself, don't fret! Everyone was a newbie before. Here are some pointers on how to improve your game, which can be on Warhammer 40k, WH Fantasy or any other similar Tabletop War game.
My advice is that there are a few things you need to remember as an Ork (or 40k) player in general :

  • Know the Rule : Read the rulebook thoroughly, know the rules of running, consolidation, leadership checks, pinning, etc. If you're new and can't remember everything, you can jot down notes, print out the WH40k resources I posted on the Waaagh Resources and Tactica section, or put bookmarks on your 5th ed rulebook/codex to save time. Time is important ya know! :P 
  • Know the Objective : Sometimes you don't need to kill everything to win. Know what it is needed to win the game such as, capturing objectives, scoring points, etc. Killing everything may sound fun, but it isn't fun to know that you lose if you kill more stuff than your opponent did and still lose the game.
  • Know your Units : Know what you are fielding (duh) and get the most of the wargears you equip them with. Access their strength and weaknesses. There is no such thing as a "god" unit that beats everything to a pulp. Every unit,whether it is solo, big or small has a counter/weakness in it. Orks maybe good melee fighters, but there are bigger, more expensive units that will best Orks in hand to hand (mostly SM and Chaos SM). We live by numbers, and a nob with a Power Klaw and dats a fact! Waaaaggghhh!
  • Know your Enemy Units : Either read about them before facing them, or ask the player if you're not sure...especially psychic powers cause they may swing into the favour of your enemy. e.g : Space Wolf Rune Priest's Jaws of the World Wolf, etc. It doesn't matter whether its his strongest unit or weakest unit, to know more is to get a better idea of what you're facing. Hatch a plan and do something first about the bigger threat to your current army and leave the ones with lesser threat later . It's also a bonus if you know the synergy of your opponent's squad and how he plays them (different people play play the exact same squad differently): aggresive, passive, offensive, defensive, etc. You'll find it easier and get a confident boost if you know what your enemy units are capable of and what they suck at.
  • Know the Map : You need to discuss and decide with your opponent about the various terrains and covers before playing, e.g which terrain gives +4, which cover does not, etc. Deploy in the right cover spot according to your enemies deployment. It is always a tactical advantage to deploy last. A bad deployment may cause you lose the game. You need to know how much can the terrain block line of sight, and how many boyz can get that cover save.
  • Know your Plan B : Yes, your opponent may have lady luck on his/her side and get lucky potshots killing off your tough and important units in turn 1 or 2. You may roll loads of 1 and get pissed off. Make at least 3/4 of your army capable of doing some damage on its own as a plan B. If all else fails, try to put up a fight before you go down!
  • Know your Inches : You don't need to get the exact measurement, but just a rough idea will do. Movement inches, weapon inches, and 6" of running into assault. It is VERY important to know the latter as most Orks will need to assault into battle. Newbies may miscalculated the 6" and get denied the Assault on that turn and get shot to bits the next turn. Remember to run and not shoot if the opponent is just barely 6" away, as he may remove that unit as a casualty to deny you the assault. Roughly knowing your weapons range is also good so you don't screw up by unable to shoot and exposing your unit out in the open or its side/rear armor.
Here you go...7 K's to get the best of your Ork Waaagh. There maybe more, but this is all I can think of for now. Till next time! :)

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