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Introducing Ramshackle Games, a Independant model and game shop which has rugged vehicles and parts, suitable for the Orks! Check out their website and online store. Here are some samples of some Orkified vehicles...


OAny new or old Ork players should look for Master Ein for Ork inspiration. His blog at shows his very detailed and good looking Ork units. Just check out some of his marvellous work!


"A couple of things going on here soon in the life of the waaagh. First up is Baltimore Games Day! We need some good solid boyz to show up and put on a good thumpin' to the beakie boyz over at the Bolter and Chainsword. If you are going to games day, you do not want to miss this WAAAGH!"


Most of us paint our Orks and wat not in your favourite klan colors. But what if we had multiple klans in your waaagh?


Holy crap, seems like ForgeWorld likes Orks! They never release enough of 'em, which is good fer us!

Its official : Warhammer 40,000 : Dark Millenium Online!

Its official...the Warhammer 40k MMOG is given the name of "Warhammer 40,000 : Dark Millenium Online".

The best thing is from the trailers...I dare to say ORKS ARE 100% PLAYABLE RACE! WAAAAGHH!!!
From da trailer, there are sights of Ork camps, Slugga Boyz, Orks on a Trukk, Ork on a Deffkopta...

The official website has already been launched here.

Here's the description from the website :

"On the very edge of the galaxy lies the Sargos Sector. For centuries it was rendered uninhabitable and isolated by volatile Warp Storms. Even now, deep within the sector the very fabric of reality is unraveling. Only the ancient Sentinel Devices hold the Warp at bay.

But the ravages of time and meddling of humanity have weakened the Sentinel Devices-and now, the battle for these ost worlds is at hand. Drawn to the conflict, the great races of the galaxy descend upon the Sargos Sector, seeking to preserve reality-or to tear it asunder.

Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction, in a war that will unlock ancient secrets, reveal dark purposes, and determine the fate of the Sargos Sector. For in this dark millennium, there is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter."

So we know the current sector we're gonna play in is called Sargos. Hmmm...I hope they do touch a little bit of the DoW sectors, or some sectors in the novels for some interesting cameos and/or NPCs of some popular characters (Warboss Ghazkull,Gorgutz, Commisar Yarrick, Gaunt and his Ghosts, etc).

There is also a fansite here, where the game enthusiasts gather and discuss.

In game (and some out) pictures from the E3 Expo (taken from their Facebook Group):

The logos cool, everythings cool. Vigil games has also revamp their website so you can drop by for more goodies. If you happen to drop by the E3 expo, be sure to find booth 2001 to check out that life-sized Khorne Beserker and Ork Boy.

And there are pictures of Orks already surfaced! The life sized Ork looks cool too. Even though nothing has been said yet, here is what is seen based on the current pictures and trailers of playable classes/races and transports:

Orks - Slugga Boyz/Nobz with Trukks and Deffkoptas as vehicles (hurrah!)
Space Marines (Black Templars only?)- Tactical Marine, Techmarine Priest, can pilot on Titan or just NPC?
Chaos Space Marines - Daemons (may just be NPC...looks like a Nurgle Daemon), Khorne Beserkers with Bikes, Dreadnaughts 
Imperial Guards - Regular troopers
Other races are not sighted yet. I sure hope they have Tyranids and Eldar at least when more information will be revealed later...The Tau, Necrons and others will have to probably wait for the expansion. :P

Btw, the menu does look similar to WoW menu, with the potrait, lifebar/mana on the top left and hotkeys at the bottom.
Here's the trailer of the game at E3 : 


I'm already all excited about this one. I've never payed to play any MMORPGs before and this will probably be my first.

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