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Introducing Ramshackle Games, a Independant model and game shop which has rugged vehicles and parts, suitable for the Orks! Check out their website and online store. Here are some samples of some Orkified vehicles...


OAny new or old Ork players should look for Master Ein for Ork inspiration. His blog at shows his very detailed and good looking Ork units. Just check out some of his marvellous work!


"A couple of things going on here soon in the life of the waaagh. First up is Baltimore Games Day! We need some good solid boyz to show up and put on a good thumpin' to the beakie boyz over at the Bolter and Chainsword. If you are going to games day, you do not want to miss this WAAAGH!"


Most of us paint our Orks and wat not in your favourite klan colors. But what if we had multiple klans in your waaagh?


Holy crap, seems like ForgeWorld likes Orks! They never release enough of 'em, which is good fer us!

Things to bring for your Waaagh!

I'm sure some of you forget stuff to bring to your local competitions. Some people just don't bother with the details and just bring their army along without anything else, and don't have a good time playing. Here's a list of to-do things and prepare before going to your LGS to play a regular game or even a competition.

1. A readable and detailed Army List

   The army list is probably one of the most important stuff to bring to any 40k game! Some people just write a rather difficult handwriting to read, rather disorganized list, or not completing/writing a list at all. If you think your handwriting is bad or you don't like writing, stick to the simple MS Excel worksheet, or download a ready made ones by Pit of the Oni's (pdf) or Alice40k's (excel) . If you had cash and like to use the best army list builder, you can get the Army Builder software from Lone Wolf Development. You could even add in extra stuff like listing down the abilities of your key/complex units below your Army List(or at least a page reference to your codex/rulebook). 

2. Reference sheets, guides and charts

   Many players overlooked this, but reference sheets are actually more important than you think. Less time referring to your codex and less asking stuff from your opponents means more time for gaming/beer/snacks/chat/toilet break. Less flipping on your codex/rulebook also ensures they are in better shape! Books don't look good if you constantly flip through it time and time again and players usually does it quickly while playing the game. You can get a nicely done 5th edition reference sheet here and the Ork's reference sheet here. To make it even faster, you can highlight the parts you think you field and will refer more of, like highlighting Deffgunz profile if you're using lootas, and highlighting the Ork Boyz' WS4 on the To Hit Chart and S3/4 on the To Wound Chart.

   There are other nice alternatives as well which can greatly boost the speed of the game as well, such as the 5th Edition Battle Matrix and the 5th Edition Armour Guide (for those mech heavy armies). Check out more of those in the Waaagh Resources page. To save up paper and  you can compile and file all of those in a nice binder/file or even laminate all your reference sheets. If you want which army is your opponent going to field, you could take one step further and print his army's reference sheet for both of your convenience.

3. FAQs

   This is also rather important as sometimes games can go a little bit long over arguing about stuff that is already FAQ'd or decided by other gamers. In fact, arguing about rules and abilities is one of the main reasons why some people hate wargaming in general (cause I've asked those who didn't want play). 

So get yourself FAQs from the GW website, and the very reliable Dakka Dakka's INAT FAQ 4.0 here which is used in tournaments. Getting the-waaagh's FAQ here won't hurt as well, as it does addresses some important issues. You may not need to print out the whole hundred pages of the INAT FAQ, just print the ones that you will use to clarify with your opponent. 

As mentioned in the reference sheet part earlier, you can properly compile all the necessary stuff for your army, highlight them to your liking, and even print out your opponent's race FAQ for less bickering. You could even go the electronic way and keep those files in your pocket pc, or your handphone/electronic device of some sort (if it supports PDF).

4. Army Movement Tray

This option is good if you play more than one game in a regular gaming night/evening, but it is crucial in tournaments. Putting your army in a tray for easier transportation among tables cuts the time wasting and not make people wait for you. Loading your armies to your case and unloading them to the other table is gonna make people yawn to kingdom come. Most tournaments have limited time, so don't make others wait too long for you.

Any Tray will do for your army, even drink/food trays. If you want to look cool, you can DIY your own tray by build, paint, magnetize and your own tray that suits the theme of your army. If you don't have time for those and prefer spending some cash, consider buying pre-made good looking ones like this one or this one. Just get one that is sturdy enough to carry your army.

5. Waaagh Rations/Food! 

Couldn't guess it eh? In the real war, rations can effect the morale and energy of an army. I know we're just playin' with plastic toys here, but a hungry or thirsty person won't think or act normally and even if he does, he does it in a slower pace. Hunger leads to frustration, anger and mistakes. A game of 40k usually lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 hours or more so you need some energy to keep yourself going.

Portable foods/drinks like sandwiches, bread/s, biscuits/crackers and a bottle of water will do. The least you can do is keep your stomach full by having a meal before going to a game in your local store. Of course, this option can be ignored if you're playing at a friend's house where they have prepared stuff for you to chew/drink on. :P

6. Your Friendly Smile

This game is about fun with friends, or make new friends in your local game store. Go ahead! Smile, laugh and  have a good time. Losing is a part of the game and everybody does lose once in a while. WH40k depends rather heavily on dice rolls and don't fret or whine if you lose.

But remember : Don't laugh at your opponent's mistake as you may piss him off! Everybody does silly errors once in a while and if your opponent is a new to the game, just give him pointers and advice with a smile. Be nice to newbies and even old-timers alike. Friends is always better then enemies and heck, you never know when your WH40k buddies can help you out in life.

You have any stuff to share bout what should ya bring along with yer waaagh? :)

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