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Introducing Ramshackle Games, a Independant model and game shop which has rugged vehicles and parts, suitable for the Orks! Check out their website and online store. Here are some samples of some Orkified vehicles...


OAny new or old Ork players should look for Master Ein for Ork inspiration. His blog at shows his very detailed and good looking Ork units. Just check out some of his marvellous work!


"A couple of things going on here soon in the life of the waaagh. First up is Baltimore Games Day! We need some good solid boyz to show up and put on a good thumpin' to the beakie boyz over at the Bolter and Chainsword. If you are going to games day, you do not want to miss this WAAAGH!"


Most of us paint our Orks and wat not in your favourite klan colors. But what if we had multiple klans in your waaagh?


Holy crap, seems like ForgeWorld likes Orks! They never release enough of 'em, which is good fer us!

Full of Orkyness in Imperial Armour 8 : Raid on Kastorel-Novem

Imperial Armour 8, the latest expansion from the series is full of Orky stuff! If you didn't get to know the earlier books, this is probably the best set to pickup. In this volume, it tells the story of the Raven Guards and 181st Elysian Drop Regiment trying to push back the might forces of Warboss Garaghak in the Ork territory of the Forsarr Sectior. Yes, those beakie boyz and humies are both trying to put a good fight wif us!

Here is the description of it from Forge World :

"Waaagh! Garaghak is gathering pace across the Forsarr sector. Several of the Imperium¹s worlds have already fallen to the rising green tide of Orks, and now the sector¹s primary hive world has been invaded. Garaghak¹s hordes seem unstoppable, except that the Raven Guard¹s Scouts have discovered a secret behind the Goff Warlord¹s unending warbands ­ - an Ork technical genius called Mek Boss Buzzgob who has created his own factories on the former Imperial refinery world in the Kastorel system.

This book contains a detailed history of the Raid on Kastorel-Novem and the rise of Warlord Garaghak. There is a complete Elysian Drop Troop Imperial Guard army list, including the Vulture gunship, Valkyrie Sky Talon and the Tauros and Tauros Venator rapid assault vehicles. There is also background information on the Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter, along with a new special character, Shadow Captain Korvydae. Rules, background and technical details are included for all of the recent Forge World Ork releases.

This book is heavily illustrated with over 50 colour pictures, 60 full colour vehicle profiles, over 30 technical drawings, plus colour profiles for the Elysian Drop Troops, Raven Guard and the Orks of the Goff, Evil Sunz and Death Skullz clans, all to add new depth and detail to the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Also included in this book is a folded copy of an A1 Ork poster featuring artwork by Paul Bonner, Sam Lamont and Kenton Mills

To view the books contents click here."

This hard-cover expansion book contains 224 pages and retails at £45.00 (~USD65). The Ork poster is a good bonus for us too! Less beakie posters please...they are everywhere. There are a LOT of detailed ork units and klans covered in this book, from the book contents PDF provided by Forge World here. Goffs, Deffskulls, Evil Sunz, Zhardsnark the Biker Warboss, Mekboss Buzzgob, Tanks (GROT TANKS!), Chinork, Bommas, Trukks, Gargants, etc...all this will leave any dedicated Ork player drooling and wish they could get stuck in A.S.A.P. By the way, Zhardsnark is a unique Ork Warboss on bike model which is an alternative to Wazdakka Gutsmek, for he can bring in warbikers as troop choice too.

There will be a new Dread Mob army list that contains full rules for the entire range of Forge World Ork models which means lots of Kans, Deffdreads and also the new Mega-Dread!

There are story campaigns for you to have that RPG feel while playing and some Apocalypse battle formations and appendix as well.

Here are some pictures from Forge World :

Very colorful and attractive eh? Imperial Armour is definately a good way to spend time with your Orks out of the regular WH40k game, and to play new units and formations with some good story background.

Help Waaagh! Garaghak into stomping the humies now! According to sources, the first 500 copies ordered will be signed by Warwick Kinrade, the co-author of the book.

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