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Introducing Ramshackle Games, a Independant model and game shop which has rugged vehicles and parts, suitable for the Orks! Check out their website and online store. Here are some samples of some Orkified vehicles...


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"A couple of things going on here soon in the life of the waaagh. First up is Baltimore Games Day! We need some good solid boyz to show up and put on a good thumpin' to the beakie boyz over at the Bolter and Chainsword. If you are going to games day, you do not want to miss this WAAAGH!"


Most of us paint our Orks and wat not in your favourite klan colors. But what if we had multiple klans in your waaagh?


Holy crap, seems like ForgeWorld likes Orks! They never release enough of 'em, which is good fer us!

Recent GW price hike and Orks

All of us don't like price hikes of anything don't we? Effective from June 1 2010, all prices of GW products have increased in price and Orks are no exception. I knew it'll happen sometime ago as the weak GBP exchange rate is probably making GW revising their prices. I'll take some samples and let's see how much will it effect our purchase of Orks :

Set Old Retail Price New Retail Price Difference
Assault on Black Reach £50.00 £55.00 £5.00
Ork Boyz  £12.00 £15.00 £3.00
Codex Orks £15.00 £17.50 £2.50
Ork Battlewagon £35.00 £37.50 £2.50
Ork Tankbustas £20.00 £22.50 £2.50
Ork Kommandos £20.00 £22.50 £2.50
MegaNob Blister £9.50 £12.00 £2.50
Ork Trukk £18.00 £20.00 £2.00
Ork Loota and Burnas £13.50 £15.00 £1.50
Ork Gretchin £8.00 £9.00 £1.00

 I didn't really expect the Ork Boyz set to increase that much! Ork boyz are the staple of any Ork army and GW deliberately increase them...probably due to the high demand for it. But really...£3.00 (25%) increase for a regular staple box set is a little bit too much. Ork players usually never had enough of Boyz. Remember that this might effect Ork Boy bitz if you plan to buy them separately as well...

Assault for Black Reach's £5.00 increase is still OK i would say, as it contains lots of necesarry Ork units, Space Marines and rulebook/dices/templates that you may need extras of.

On the bright side, the Lootas/Burnas and the Gretchin kit increases for just a small some of £1.50 and £1.00 each. New Ork players will be encouraged to field more Lootas then...and gretchins as objective holders/speed bumps for the Lootas :P

Does the GW price hike effected your purchase of your Waaagh?

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Da Masta Cheef said...

The excuse of a low exchange rate is just that, an excuse. GW has raised prices every year (sometimes more than once) since I started playing back in 2nd ed. It's their S.O.P. Its not the first time they've pedaled the 'low exchange rate' line, but when the exchange rate switches back in their favor, there is a 0% possibility that they'll readjust their prices back down to compensate. Instead the next adjustment will be next year's price hike.

I finance roughly 90% of my new mini purchases by selling older unwanted stuff on ebay. Some people call it a 'hobby fund' whereas I call it recycling. In general though, due to the incessant price hikes, my collection has been dwindling for years, currently (including WHFB) I have 6 armies, about five years ago I had twenty-ish.

Luckily my Ork army doesn't require anything, and is almost fully painted. Although (tossing the cost argument out the window) I've been eyeing those new grot tanks from FW!

Warboss Kazdakka Facebeater said...

lol...I guess GW basically needs more cash from us to maintain themselves as the peak of miniature wargaming. That is the big problem now, as more people are shifting their hobbies to their shiny PC games or console games...rising miniature game prices is gonna make it difficult for newcomers to pick it up.

They should consider packaging more types of army deals for beginners and newbies to pickup the game, rather then just the limited units in AoBR. The Ork battleforce set is decent, but variety makes it better. Maybe seperate it to Ork klans? Like Goff Battleforce with all footslogging boyz/nobz, Evil Sunz with more fast stuff, Deffskulls with lootas and mechanized stuff, etc.

Heck, GW can even throw in bonus fluff stuff like posters, more pictures, badges, cards, catalogs, short stories/comics on the ork klans, etc to make it more appealing to the younger (and maybe older :P) newcomers alike. Throwing in some Ork barricades/terrains or small building sets (or at least instructions to DIY using recycled stuff) are very attractive as well.

They should learn marketing strategies from Wizards or something. :P

Unknown said...

i agree
i got started in warhammer 40k while i had extra spending cash if i would have known how much the models an paint an brushes would have added up to i never would have got into it. i bought aobr for the space marines but was right into the orks for the uniqueness the fact that they don't have terrain u can buy dissapoints me ive made a quite a bit on my own

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